Pint of Knowledge: “Keeping Time: The Daily Clock of Life”

· Manchester


Biological clocks pervade many aspects of our physiology and behaviour, including sleep, cognition, mood, and metabolism. Such clocks generate and coordinate circadian rhythms allowing organisms to anticipate and prepare in advance for daily changes in the environment (eg. Light-dark cycle).  The importance of circadian rhythms was recognized this year with the 2017 Nobel Prize in Medicine or Physiology awarded to three pioneering scientists for their discoveries of the molecular mechanisms underlying these rhythms.

In this talk Dr. Beatriz Bano-Otalora will give an overview of: What do we know about these clocks?  How do they work? Why are they so important?  and What happen when we disrupt their functions?

This is a free event, join us at Sandbar, 120 Grosvenor St, Manchester M1 7HL on Wednesday 24th January 7.00pm