Pint of Knowledge: DNA Nanotechnology

· Cambridge

“In Biology, DNA is the main molecule responsible for storing genetic information, containing the set of instructions to build the elements and perform the basic functions of life. DNA nanotechnology utilizes DNA’s capability of storing information and its self-assembly properties in order to program DNA to build custom-designed shapes at the nanometer scale. A common strategy is the so called “DNA origami” method, in which the single stranded genome of the M13 virus (acting as scaffold) is folded by hundreds of complementary base-paired oligonucleotides (staples). In my talk, I will go through the reasoning, and basic steps to rationally design and self-assemble nanoscale structures out of DNA. I will also show some of the latest advances in two-dimensional and three-dimensional nanodevices, and some examples of applications (of my own and others) where the use of DNA nanostructures confers an advantage over other technological approaches”.