Pint of Knowledge-Cambridge

· Cambridge

Join us on Wednesday 22nd January to learn about stories and tales of placenta by Vicente Perez’s hand. We are meeting in the Panton Arms from 7pm, as usual, and everyone is welcome! Just a hint of what is coming:

The placenta is a complex organ essential for nutrient and oxygen exchange between the mother and developing foetus. During its nine months of existence, this forgotten organ differentiates itself from embryonic tissues to accomplish its vital role modulating the crosstalk between the mother and the baby. In this sense, the aetiology of several pregnancy complications, such a miscarriage, preeclampsia, placenta accreta and intrauterine growth restriction (IUGR), are a consequence of defective placentation. After decades of placental research, novel insights have sparked a renewed interest in understanding the fascinating interrelationship between the foetus and the placenta, opening up new avenues towards the identification of novel potential therapeutics for the treatment of pregnancy disorders.

Hope to see you there!