Pint of Chemistry

· Cambridge



Join us to our special Pint of Science in collaboration with European Chemical Society. Taking place on 12th November at Panton Arms (CB2 1HL, Cambridge) from 19:30. This is a coordinated international event where 2 speakers in several countries will give talks related with chemistry. We will have the pleasure of having 2 interesting speakers:

  • Dr Claudia Bonfio, Marie Sklodowska Curie Fellow, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology with the talk entitled “From stars to cells: a journey through the chemistry of life”

Abstract: Have you ever wondered about how life first began? The origin of life is among the greatest unsolved mysteries in science. Our discoveries have provided clues to how primordial chemistry sparked the emergence of fundamental biomolecules, and how these biomolecules assembled to form the first cells. This knowledge can then be turned toward the heavens, revealing where we should look for alien life.

  • Dr David Fairen-Jimenez, Reader in Molecular Engineering and Royal Society University Research Fellow and winner of Emergent Talent 2018, with the talk entitled: “Porous materials and the age of gases.” 

Abstract: Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are, arguably, the most exciting development in recent porous materials science, representing the beauty of self-assembled materials. One key feature is the building-block approach to their synthesis, which opens up the possibility to synthesise an endless number. Our research covers the use of super computers and big data tools to understand how these materials behave and the engineering of the materials to translate them to real life.

This is free event. Everybody is welcome!