Nuclear fusion – The promise of limitless energy

· Oxford


SRUK Oxford invites you to a talk on nuclear fusion by Dr Morten Lennholm. Dr Lennholm will explain what Nuclear Fusion is and what are the main scientific challenges of developing it into a viable energy source. He will also give the audience an idea of how these challenges are dealt with when operating a TOKAMAK (one of several types of magnetic confinement devices being developed to produce controlled thermonuclear fusion power). He will also discuss the next steps to be taken to create a functioning fusion machine and possible alternative machines. This event is free and open to everyone

When: Thursday 26th September 2019, 6 PM.
Where: East Oxford Community Centre (44 Princes Street, Oxford OX4 1D).

About the speaker
Morten Lennholm has worked in the field of Nuclear Fusion Research for the last 25 year. From a microwave and control engineering education, he developed his knowledge of plasma physics and much of his work has involved a combination of engineering and plasma physics. He has published in journals such as ‘Physical Review Letters’ and ‘Nuclear Fusion’ on the control of fusion plasma, plus in ‘Nature Communications’ to describe the potential for control of certain plasma instabilities through ‘phase space engineering’. He received his PhD degree from Eindhoven University of Technology in 2014 for his work on ‘Real Time Control of the Sawtooth Instability in Fusion Plasmas with Large Fast Ion Populations’. Based at the Culham laboratories in Abingdon, England, Morten conducts, manages and coordinates work involved in the operation of the JET Tokamak (Joint European Torus), including engineering and physics studies associated with this projects. His main areas of interest include radio frequency heating employed in Tokamak fusion experiments; plus, plasma control systems, which allow the control of a number of plasma parameters including the location of the plasma itself inside the Tokamak vacuum vessel.