Journalism in the 21st century

· Oxford

The meeting we had last 4th June in Oxford’s Oriel College with Eduardo Suárez was a wonderful one. Eduardo, Journalist Fellow at the University of Oxford, engaged in an enjoyable conversion with some fifteen attendees sitting in a circle. With no slides or pictures but just some notes on his notebook, Eduardo talked for an hour about the role of journalism in the 21st century and the emergence of new business models, combining an objective analysis of the questions with his 20 years’ experience as a journalist in Spain and other places around the world. As enjoyable as Eduardo’s talk was the conversation with the attendees that followed. This exchange, which eventually had to be interrupted to get to the pub in time for dinner, soon resumed around a table at The Chequers and went on until late in the evening, with attendees eagerly asking when the next meeting about journalism would be.


About the speaker:
Eduardo Suarez is co-founder of news startups Politibot and El Español. He also writes on journalism and politics for El País, Nieman Reports and Univision. He has led seminars in several universities and has published four books. He is the founder of two innovative news startups and is an expert in American politics. He has written several books on the topic and covered every major election since 2012.
Eduardo started his career as a journalist in the Spanish daily El Mundo, where he worked from 2000 to 2014 first as an opinion writer, then as a foreign correspondent from London, New York and Brussels.
After leaving El Mundo, Eduardo joined other colleagues to found El Español, a digital news outlet. He designed part of the product and created a successful social media strategy. El Español raised more than 3.6 million euros from 5,595 people in a crowdfunding campaign before its launch.
In June 2016, Eduardo and a few colleagues created Politibot, a news startup. Politibot creates data visualisations and engages with its audience through messaging apps. Hundreds of readers have enrolled in its membership program since its launch. GEN shortlisted Politibot as one of the best startups for news in 2017. It also got two rounds of funding by Google’s DNI Fund.
Eduardo loves cycling, traveling and opera. His favorite novel is John Steinbeck’s East of Eden and he is a history buff. In 2014 he was awarded with the Gabriel García Márquez Prize.