IV Pint of Knowledge Northwest

· Liverpool



The North West Constituency of SRUK brought the IV Pint of Knowledge to Liverpool for the first time with the aim to spread science all along the different cities within this constituency and facilitate the ability to host these public engagement events.

In this session, 3 speakers from different fields and at different stages of their careers presented their research or spoke about a related topic to a broad audience, all of it in a relaxed and welcoming environment. This public engagement experience had a great value for the professional development of speakers, specially junior researchers, and was an excellent opportunity for non-academic people to learn about some of the topics being currently investigated in nearby research centres.

The talks and the speakers were:

  • Volcanic eruptions at Fuego Volcano (Guatemala). Estimating plume height and eruption volumes using acoustic infrasound – Dr Alejandro Díaz Moreno (University of Liverpool)
  • Green engineering: a new approach for coastal protection in a changing world – Dr Juan Luis Garzón (Coastal Modeler at Jacobs)
  • Tick tock: Let’s talk about circadian clocks! – Dr Beatriz Baño (University of Manchester)

During this event, the VII International Symposium of the SRUK, which will include a public engagement event and will be celebrated at the University of Liverpool in June 2019, was announced by a member of the organizing committee.

Thank you all for coming!


The Head of Steam 85-89 Hanover St, L1 3DZ. Liverpool
Wednesday 20th March 7.00pm. (Language: English)