I Fraternisation Meeting (Mexican Culture Society & SRUK)

· Bristol

The Mexican Culture Society from the University of Bristol and the South West Constituency of the Society of the Spanish Researcher in UK met on 18th August in Bristol to celebrate a fraternisation meeting. This meeting was a great opportunity to know better the Mexican Scientist working at Bristol University. It is known that Bristol Uni has a very multicultural research staff (from PhD to senior lecturers) and due to the close relationship between Mexican and Spanish cultures is not hard to imagine the informal talks between members of both nationalities in lab corners and staff rooms. With this meeting we wanted to set a framework where we could speak about our research interests and share with the attendees, wishing that the interest would sprout spontaneously and that would foster academic collaboration between members. I must say that it was a great meeting which put together 23 science loving people who discuss during 2 hours. We set a 5 minutes research topic presentation, followed by very interesting bunch of questions.

As a conclusion remark, it was a great time speaking and learning about different scientific topics. Furthermore, it was shown that while the SRUK members in Bristol are devoted to biomedical basic science research, Mexican scientific members focus their research interest in more applied sciences. Thus, the mutual need of basic and applied science foresees the beginning of a beautiful (and productive) friendship.