Capture the flag! Basics in cybersecurity

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Webinar / online workshop


5 pm – 7 pm UK time

If you have ever been curious about what cybersecurity experts do on a daily basis, join our workshop!

Juanjo Mata, an expert in Cybersecurity, will bring a CTF –“Capture The Flag”– workshop. This event will consist of a series of challenges that will illustrate diverse cybersecurity concepts. The attendees will be required to learn about different security issues and vulnerabilities that will have to be leveraged to pass said challenges. With this approach, the participants will expand their understanding of the key role that cybersecurity plays in protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of sensitive data and key services in modern society.


– Introduction

– The importance of cybersecurity

– Whoami

– What is a CTF?

– Tools you will need in this workshop

– Let´s create the teams

– Capture the flags through challenges and learn while you do it!

– Closing remarks and Q&A session

About Juanjo Mata

After graduating in Computer Engineering in Spain, I moved to Edinburgh to study the MSc in Advanced Security and Digital Forensics at Edinburgh Napier. During this first year at Napier, I got involved with ENUSEC Security Society and the cybersecurity community in Scotland, participating in diverse events like conferences, CTFs and social gatherings. After my masters, I led a 2-year research project at Napier, together with Satisnet, involving immersive learning and training in cyber security defence operations.

I started working as a security consultant in 2019, working on engagements related to web technologies, external infrastructure and internal network attacks. I am very interested in internal infrastructure testing and vulnerability research, and I aim to develop my career in that direction in the future.

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This event has been kindly sponsored by the Spanish Embassy Office for Cultural and Scientific Affairs in London [email protected] Facebook Instagram Twitter– and Fundación Ramón Areces [email protected] Facebook Instagram Twitter