Art&Science, a SRUK initiative

· Cambridge

The first event of the Art&Science initiative took place at Emperor Restaurant in Cambridge. With this initiative, Spanish Researchers in the UK aims to promote collaboration between scientist and artists to engage public in scientific research. In the event, more than 30 scientists and artists working in a wide variety of fields and disciplines (from historians to physics and from painters to theatre directors) shared their professional and personal experiences. To do so, after a lively chat and brief round of introductions, participants were divided in two groups to then meet face to face. Once this round of interviews was concluded, artists were asked to choose the scientific projects they were more interested in. After the round of meetings, the artists selected the scientific projects they were interested in and briefly described the project with the contact details of the members in the couple. Now, the participants have a deadline of four weeks to send the final project, which will be evaluated by a committee of scientists and artists. The selected works will be exhibited in London and will run for one of three prizes of £ 300, £ 200 and £ 100. What is certain, is that the group of artists and scientists will make it very difficult for the evaluation committee.