Annual Assembly & Pint of Knowledge

· Cambridge


Join us to Local Annual Assembly which will take place at Panton Arms on 23th of October at 6:30, for information about the past and the future of the Cambridge constituency. This is a perfect moment to join to our working group!

After the communication of new member Cambridge team from our elections, we will have a great time with one of our  Pint of Knowledge.

We have a pleasure to present a talk related with archeology by Dr. Marc Gener-Moret, Marie Skłodowska-Curie European Fellow from McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research of the University of Cambridge.


Swords and their wielders hold an undeniable fascination. From ancient, and no so ancient, tales and narratives to modern films and series, these shiny bits of metal have captured our imagination in their sharp outlines. But what is behind them? When and where do they appear? How are they made and used? WHY are they the way they are? In this talk we will see how a combination of materials science, archaeology, history, anthropology and experimentation can help us answer these questions and many more: the technological processes behind the making of a sword, the Science and the Art behind their use. We will discuss their symbolism and their nature, and will try to understand a bit better these objects as well as what they say about the times and places that produced them… and about us