A conversation with entrepreneurs – Webinar

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OXFORD Webinar: Conversation with Entrepreneurs

Do you have a wild idea but you don´t know how you can transform it into a commercial reality? Do you know that many people don’t become entrepreneurs because they just don’t know where to begin?

In this event, we introduce you to 5 highly successful entrepreneurs that jumped out of academia or established business to develop their ideas. Each speaker is going to introduce themself and talk about their personal experience (5 min per speaker). At the end, you can participate in an open roundtable and ask your questions. There, Carlos Cosculluela of Fundación DRO in Spain (https://fundaciondro.org/ ) is going to join the rest of the speakers in order to advise you, future entrepreneurs.


1. Clara Hardy – CMO and co-founder OIMO (an eco-design & new materials start-up); http://oimo.co

2. Tom Stubbs – CEO and co-founder Chronomics (from epigenetics to coronavirus testing); https://www.chronomics.com

3. Fernando Alemán – CSO and co-founder Navega Therapeutics Inc (gene therapy for chronic pain); https://navegatx.com/en

4. Pablo Postigo – CEO and co-founder Frontity (the React Framework for WordPress); https://frontity.org

5. Javier Garcia Martinez – President and founder Celera (to accelerate talented people); https://www.acelerame.org, Founder Rive Technology (USA, now acquired by GRACE, https://grace.com/en-us), Catedrático Química Inorgánica Universidad Alicante, Cátedra Rafael del Pino en Ciencia y Sociedad

To register for this virtual event please click here. After registering, you will receive an email with the zoom link. If you want to ask any questions in advance, write to [email protected] and they will be answered live during the roundtable.


What: Webinar about Entrepreneurship.

When: Sunday, 1st of November, 2020.

Who: Open to anyone via registration.

Where: Zoom link to register.

Este evento ha sido amablemente financiado por la Oficina para Asuntos Culturales y Científicos de la Embajada de España en Londres.
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