8M: International Women’s Day

· Cambridge

Dear members of SRUK/CERU,

To commemorate the International Women’s Day (8th of March), the SRUK Cambridge constituency has organized a seminar by Dr. María Jimenez Sanchez, where she will present a recent study by SRUK Women Equity and Research Committee: “Men and women differ in their perception of gender bias in research institutions


WHEN: Thursday 5th of March, 6:30 – 8:30 GMT

WHERE: Panton Arms Pub, 43 Panton St. CB2 1HL, Cambridge


There is extensive evidence of gender inequality in research leading to insufficient representation of women in leadership positions. Numbers revealing a gender gap in research are periodically reported by national and international institutions but data on perceptions of gender equality within the research community are scarce. In the present study, a questionnaire based on the British Athena Survey of Science, Engineering and Technology (ASSET 2016) was distributed among researchers working in Spain. Consistent with the original UK-based study, women in research perceived a greater degree of gender inequality than men. This difference was consistent from junior to senior positions, within public and private universities as well as research centers, and across all research disciplines. When responses were compared with the existing UK-based questionnaire, researchers in Spain felt that women and men are treated more equally in the workplace, yet they perceived their home departments to be less supportive regarding matters of gender equality. The results of this study provide clear evidence that men and women do not share the same perceptions of gender equality in science and that their differing perceptions are relatively consistent across two major European countries. The fact that men occupy the majority of senior positions while not perceiving the same inequality as women do, may be critical when it comes to ensuring the fair ascent of women to senior positions in an academic system. These data encourage the implementation of measures to ensure that both men and women are aware of gender biases in research.


Join us to celebrate this special day!