Meet our SRUK Backstage!

· Current Board of Directors


Do you want to know how SRUK internally works? 


SRUK has grown so much over the last few years that even those who have been an SRUK member for years are not aware of all the potential that our voluntary working groups have. We cover a wide range of activities: from science policy, to advocating for women in science, running international mobility and mentoring programmes, evaluating fellowships, running outreach contests and activities for children, editing our blog or recording podcasts, and much more! If you want to know us and see if there is any activity you would like to get involved in, this is your chance to get to know us and ask as many questions as you may have. Not only will you get to know amazing people, but you will also develop skills you were not aware you have! 


And there will be a plus, the Communications Department will launch our brand new website! We have put a lot of effort and enthusiasm to make it more dynamic, intuitive and inclusive. Be the first one to see our new website!


Join us on the 2nd of June at 6pm, we have all the volunteers leading the following departments and initiatives in the program:


* 6pm: General introduction: Carmen Sánchez (President)

* 6:10pm: Presentation of our new website: Miguel Cacho (Director Comms) & Sandra Álvarez (Web master)

* 6:40pm: Presentation of our working groups (5mins/each):

  • Department of Science Policy – UK & Spain: Pablo Izquierdo (Director)
  • Department of International Collaborations – mobility programmes: Desirée Villahermosa (Director)
  • Department of Press –  Press releases/Blog/Radio: Beatriz Castejón (Director)
  • Department of Communications – Web & social media: Miguel Cacho (Director)
  • Fellowships and Awards Committee – Pilar Acedo (Roving director)
  • Women Equity & Research Committee – Marta Acebrón (Women)
  • Mentoring Committee: Patricia Forcén (Chair)
  • Science-me a Story Committee: María Pin (Chair)
  • EnFoco Committee: Javier Burgos (Vice-president)
  • Design Committee: Cristina Gallego (Chair)

* 7:30pm: Break-out rooms for extra info (30mins)


The event will take place online and is open to Regular and Associate Members and all our Friends in Spain! Registration here