1st Science in the Pub London: “Cell phones, radiation and heatlh”

· London

SRUK/CERU premiered “Science in the Pub”, a new event format with which we intend to bring science close to the public while enjoying an informal and relaxing environment. In this 1st Science in The Pub, Xurxo Mariño, researcher in Neuroscience and professor at the University of La Coruña, well know populariser of scientific knowledge and awarded the Jury’s Special Prize in the “I Certamen FECYT de Comunicación Científica” (1st FECYT Contest for Scientific Communication) in 2011, gave the talk “Cell phones, radiation and health” at the Audley pub. Dr Xurxo Mariño discussed with humour, sarcasm and scientific evidence that the radiation emitted from mobile phones cause no damage effects to human health.