Beatriz Baño Otálora

Departamento de Prensa

I obtained a degree in Biology followed by a Master in “Technology & Research in Biomedical Sciences” at the University of Murcia. I did my PhD in the Department of Physiology, Faculty of Biology (University of Murcia) under the supervision of Prof. Juan Antonio Madrid and Dr. Angeles Rol, working on body clocks. During my PhD, I obtained two short-stay visiting scholarships to work at leading research institutions both in the UK (Faculty of Life Sciences (FLS), University of Manchester) and United States (Department of Psychology, University of Michigan). After completing my doctoral studies I was awarded a Postdoctoral Fellowship by the Fundación Séneca to investigate the role of biological clocks in the reward system and its relevance in neuropsychiatric disorders. I am doing this work in FLS at the University of Manchester.