The Society of Spanish Researchers in the United Kingdom (SRUK/CERU) started in June 2011, but was officially established in July 2012. This is a summary of the History of the Society, depicting each of its activities, meetings, and events.

    Sep'14 23

    VI Pint of Knowledge in Cambridge

    The SRUK-Cambridge Constituency organises a new “Pint of Knowledge” event at the Panton Arms Pub in Cambridge with the title “Stem Cells, from the lab to the Clinic” presented by 5 invited researchers: Ana Amaral, María Barreira, Sandra Blanco, Usúa Laresgoiti and Emma Martínez, who talked about stem cells as research tools as well as their potential applications in regenerative medicine.
    Sep'14 18

    "Meet the Scientist" in London

    The SRUK-London Constituency organises a new “Meet the Scientist” event at “Copa de Cava” pub in London where 2 speakers introduced their fields of research to the audience in plain language and very interactive format with questions and answers. For this occasion the guest speakers were Sip Dinkla from St. George’s University of London talking about “Red cell aging - A tale of membranes & microparticles” and Lorenzo Melchor from The Institute of Cancer Research talking about “Cancer meets Darwin”.
    Sep'14 06

    2014 Summer BBQ in Cambridge

    The SRUK-Cambridge Constituency organises the well-known “Summer Barbeque 2014” preceded by a Treasure Hunt event where all participants met at The Guildhall, at the Market square and were guided along the streets of Cambridge to know more about local history and find a treasure! The event was followed by a barbeque at the Maypole Pub.
    Jul'14 31

    1st SRUK event "Research in the Pub" in Manchester

    First SRUK event “Research in the Pub” at the KRO Bar in Manchester, UK. SRUK members of The SRUK-Midlands Constituency joined other members in Manchester to introduce the Society to new people and to promote the creation of a new constituency in Manchester. All the attendees talked about the future organization of local scientific and social events in the area.
    Jul'14 06

    SRUK/CERU attends to the 9th FENS forum in Milan

    Dr Cristina Nombela, member SRUK/CERU attends the 9th FENS forum (The Federation of European Neuroscience Societies) in Milan, Italy where she joined the information stand of the SENC (Spanish Society of Neuroscience) and she promoted and introduced SRUK/CERU to the attendees in the forum. Furthermore, Cristina met the board of the SENC to discuss future collaborations with SRUK/CERU.
    Jul'14 05

    II SRUK International Symposium

    II SRUK International Symposium preceded by the Annual General Meeting, was held at the NH Harrington Hall Hotel in London, UK. The programme included short presentations of different research topics by SRUK members and a roundtable about Horizon 2020 and career opportunities offered by Ikerbaske. The Symposium also included a keynote speaker, Prof Yannis Pitsiladis, Professor of Sport and Exercise Science, The Brighton Centre for Regenerative Medicine (BCRM). The session ended with a dinner and social event.
    Jun'14 26

    1st Meeting of SRUK/CERU members in Manchester

    First meeting of SRUK/CERU members in Manchester to meet other members of the Society in Manchester and surrounding areas and to propose regular meetings and social events.