The Society of Spanish Researchers in the United Kingdom (SRUK/CERU) started in June 2011, but was officially established in July 2012. This is a summary of the History of the Society, depicting each of its activities, meetings, and events.

    Nov'14 17

    SRUK Bath in the pub

    SRUK-Southwest Constituency organises the informal social event “SRUK Bath in the pub”, along with members of the Portuguese Society PARSUK to meet new local members and enjoy live music and some drinks.
    Nov'14 14

    Careers in the UK workshop in Madrid

    SRUK with the support of Fundación Ramón Areces organised the workshop “Careers in the UK” held in Madrid and especially addressed to post-graduates and pre- and post-doctoral scientists. This event consisted of short talks where the speakers were presenting their career experience and provided advice on career alternatives for researches.
    Nov'14 08

    Annual Local Assembly London

    The SRUK-London Constituency celebrated their annual local assembly to inform about the updates of the constituency and to discuss and approve the next scientific and social events coming up. A new local constituency board was elected with Susana L. Alcantara (Director), Natividad Garrido (Vice-Director) and Esmeralda Parra (Secretary).
    Oct'14 24

    1st SRUK event "Research in the Pub" in Oxford

    The SRUK members in Oxford organised their 1st “Researchers in the Pub” meeting at the King´s Arms Pub with the participation of María Hernández-Fuentes, president of SRUK, who introduced the main goals of SRUK to the attendees and advised on the creation of a new constituency in Oxford and how to organize future local scientific and social events in the area.
    Oct'14 18

    SRUK Workshop: "Academia and Industry: Accelerating the Impact of Research"

    2nd Fundación Ramón Areces Workshop 2014 “Academia & Industry: Accelerating the Impact of Research” held at the Hughes Hall College in Cambridge. Four guest speakers, Sir Thomas Blundell, Dr Manuel Pérez Alonso, Dr Isabel González and Roberto Sánchez Sánchez discussed on the interplay between academia, industry and the Government both in the UK and Spain, with special emphasis on how to translate a good idea from an academic laboratory into a business and the financial sources to support your research business and the skills required in industry if an academic is pursuing a career change and vice versa. The workshop was followed by a lunch and networking at the Cambridge Blue pub.
    Oct'14 14

    1st Speed Science in Manchester

    The SRUK members in Manchester organised the first “Speed Science” event at the KRO bar in Manchester. For this event all the participants were distributed in pairs and had the opportunity to present to their partners a summary of their scientific research in just 3 minutes, after which they had to swap. This dynamic format allows the participants to summarise the main focus of their research and to practise speed networking.
    Oct'14 08

    1st Science in the Pub in the Midlands

    The SRUK-The Midlands Constituency organised a “Science in the Pub” event at the Red Deer Pub in Sheffield with the title “Vampire Plants: Sucking the Essence of their Neighbours” presented by Alex Pérez de Luque, Marie Curie Fellow at the University of Sheffield and expert on parasitic plants.