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    SRUK and Nimgenetics: Recognised for their support to Innovation 2016

    SRUK is awarded the Institution for Support to Innovation 2016 by the Foro de Empresas Innovadoras (FEI). At the same time, FEI recognises Nimgenetics as the Innovative Enterprise 2016.


    Parque Científico Madrid


    María Jiménez is interviewed In Genetica Medica

    Interview to Maria Jiménez, SRUK president, in which she highlights the labour of the society from its beginning to the present, giving voice to the more than 500 members in the United Kingdom and how it has also inspired others spanish researchers to follow this path creating societies all over the world.


    Genética Médica


    Interview to Maria Jimenez, SRUK president and MRC Fellow/Group Leader in the King's College London

    In this interview, Maria Jimenez explains her career in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, and how she is now managing her own research group at the King's College of London at the same time as leading the scientific and social events organized by SRUK.




    Science policy in the new Spanish Government

    In this article, Emma Martínez Sánchez and Fidel Alfaro Almagro, from the SRUK/CERU Department of Science Policy, analyse the predictions and proposals concerning science and science policies of the newly formed Spanish Government.




    Moving steadily

    Dr. Javier Escudero, roving director of SRUK described the progress in the science´s support in Spain during the last 30 years. Dr. Escudero talked about SRU /CERU workforce in the interaction between British and Spanish scientists, as well as its participation in the promotion of Science in Spain at medium and long term. Following his comments on Brexit, R & D Investment and support for talent attraction, the interview with Dr. Escudero ended with a debate on the importance of support for Science in Spain.


    Onda Diaspora


    An Award to promote diversity in Science

    The First Edition of the International Science Toy Award is sponsored by SRUK. This contest wants to bring the attention to the great influence that our environment plays in our motivation, interests, and in our careers. In Andrea Alenda’s words, "A scientist or engineer is not born, it is made".




    SRUK in “Orion’s belt”program, Radio San Vicente

    Susana de Lucas, SRUK Press Officer explains the Society activities and achievements in the science outreach program “Orion’s belt”, in Radio San Vicente.


    El cinturón de Orión, Radio San Vicente


    Why Spain has many less Nobel Prizes than other countries?

    After the Nobel Prize Award, the question arises: Why Spain has many less Nobel Prizes than other countries? María Jiménez, president of SRUK, explains how the UK understands the investment in science as a long-term investment that benefits all citizens and its independence of political cycles as one of the reasons for UK number of Nobel Prizes.


    El Confidencial


    SRUK in Nature Jobs career event

    María Jiménez, president of SRUK/CERU participated in the panel “How to succeed in academia” within Naturejobs Career Expos 2016 held in London last September


    Nature Jobs


    “Science lives also beyond the lab”.

    The new episode of the program “15 dates with Science” created by Fundación Lilly interviews Dr. Lorenzo Melchor, the scientific coordinator working at the Cultural and Scientific Affairs Office of the Spanish Embassy in London. Melchor, first president of the Spanish Researchers Society in UK (SRUK/CERU), speaks about the need to promote Science in Spain. Dr. Melchor finds it crucial to bring scientists into different areas such Policy, Diplomacy and into the general public, making Science a State priority.