UJI Collaboration - Exploring Corporate Culture of SRUK

    The Society of Spanish Researchers in the UK and the department of communication of University Jaume I (UJI) in Castellón (Spain) are collaborating in a project to explore the corporate culture of SRUK. This collaboration will result in a plan for corporate communication, which will improve the communication and visibility of our society and ultimately, will provide a better impact of Spanish scientists work in the UK.

    An integral part of this project is a questionnaire created by UJI and CERU that will measure the corporate culture of our society. This questionnaire will provide us with information about the values, experiences and patterns that are associated with SRUK. Once the questionnaire is completed by our members, we will find and describe the corporate identify of SRUK to develop the corporate communication plan.

    If you are member of SRUK and would like to participate in this initiative, send a email to online@sruk.org.uk. Thank you for your interest!