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    Thank you very much for your interest in joining the society of Spanish Researchers in the United Kingdom (SRUK/CERU).

    Membership of SRUK/CERU is open to everyone who wishes to join us.

    There are different categories of membership.

    (1) A Regular Member must fulfill the following criteria:

    If you are a Spanish visiting student or staff in the UK for more than six months you will apply as a Regular Member.

    (2) You can still join SRUK/CERU as an Associate Member if any of these criteria is not fulfilled. Associate members will include non-Spanish researchers in the UK or Spanish professionals settled in the UK and whose primary work does not involve research. See advantages of becoming an Associate Member in the table below.

    (3) If you live in Spain or other country outside the United Kingdom and want to keep in touch with us and our activities, we invite you to join our society as a Friend. If you are a Spanish visiting student or staff who will be in the UK for less than six months you can still join our society as a Friend. This type of member is exempt from paying any fees, as you will not be able to benefit for most of the society's activities.

    If you are unsure about what membership type to select please contact us at

    To join our Society, please fill in this membership form.

    Membership Fees

    Guide to SRUK Annual Membership Fees

    Based on the Society’s Bylaws, each member shall pay an annual subscription fee. The first subscription fee shall be payable in advance, with subsequent fees being due on the 1st of January of each year, and paid no later than the date of the annual assembly (mid July).

    Applicants admitted to membership after 1st October shall not be liable for advanced payment until the following 1st January.

    These are the fees based on the type of your membership:

    How to make the payment:

    Transfer to bank account

    Payments of membership fees to the society’s bank account should be identified using your membership number and surname (e.g. 166 Coll) under reference. If you cannot remember your membership number please contact us at

    Society of Spanish Researchers in the United Kingdom SRUK/CERU
    Account Number: 47425739; Sortcode: 090128.
    Name of the Bank: Santander.
    Branch: London Bridge.

    You can download the Standing Order form and send it to your bank, or arrange the transfer via online banking. The reference of the payment should be your Membership Number only. Please if you have an standing order in place, make sure you update the amount accordingly to the new fees.


    We also offer the possibility to pay via Eventbrite through our website (although a processing charge is then added to the fee to account for Eventbrite’s commission).

    For Corporate Members, please contact us